New Members

We are always open to new members joining the club, both novices and experienced cavers alike. All we ask is that you have a genuine interest in caving and would like to be involved in the full range of club activities. Not sure what the sport of caving is all about, check out our About Caving page first then come back here (Never caved before, the Try Caving site has a wealth of information as well).

For members who are new to caving, personal kit (Helmets, oversuits, lights, etc.) can usually be loaned for the first couple of trips (but you will be expected to supply your own in due course).

There is a modest membership fee, but this also includes membership to the national caving body the British Caving Association which along with giving you national recognition as a caver will also provide you with public liability insurance.

Membership of Devon Spelæological Society brings the following additional benefits:

  • Meet like minded cavers in the Devon area
  • Use of club keys for access to locked Devon caves
  • A newsletter once a month that summarises the clubs activities in the previous and coming month
  • A journal once a year with longer articles about the club, it's activities, and caving in general
  • Use of the club hut at member rates
  • Access to the clubs library of books, journals, DVDs, etc
  • Use of the clubs equipment, ladders, ropes etc.
  • Access to the members sections of this web site and all the information it contains:
    • The Devon Cave Database
    • Electronic archive of club journals
    • News updates, detailing club activities
    • Trip reports
    • Information on club committee members
    • And more ...

Please Note: While we warmly welcome anyone with genuine interest in caving, if you are just looking for an "adventure" day out there are numerous local commercial organisations where you can arrange these.

University Cavers

Are you member of a university caving club in another part of the country, returning to Devon for the holidays looking for some local caving? Or perhaps you've just finished university, starting a new job in the south west and looking to continue caving and join a local club? Or maybe even you're a member of one of the local university clubs looking to meet other Devon cavers. Please do get in contact and come and meet us.